Punctureseal 4Q 2013 newsletter

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Punctureseal is pleased to share its 4Q 2013 newsletter.

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What makes a dump truck tyre go BANG!

Damage to Dump truck tyre

Not only are mining trucks huge, but the tyres that support them are also giants.  With the largest mining truck tyre assembly weighing more than 5 tonnes they’re not to be ignored.

A 40.00R57 tyre used on a Cat 793, Komatsu 830 size trucks have sufficient contained energy to eject an 80 kg person more than 2000 metres when they burst.

The first 3 rules for a tyre maintenance program are; inflation pressures, inflation pressures and inflation pressures.  The pressure mantra is “Air to a tyre as oil to an engine.”

Read more, with thanks to Dump Truck Discovery and Adam Gosling.


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Winter tyres

We have had a number of customer questions about winter tyres.

Q : I plan to use winter tyres. What are my options as far as Punctureseal is concerned?

A : winter-600x340For the tyres you are taking off your vehicle, and assuming that they have sufficient tread remaining (1.6mm UK legal minimum, 3mm recommended)

– If your the summer or winter tyres are stored on the rims then Punctureseal is perfectly preserved within the tyre and normal use can be resumed when the wheel is put back onto the vehicle. All we recommend is a 5km run when the rims are re-fitted, to even out the product.

– If the tyre however is taken off the rim and if an effective collection process can be made where the product is stored and reused in a sealed container then this would be possible so the sealant can be reused later. In practice though most people like to inspect the inner surface of the tyre and just wash out the sealant and install fresh product at the start of the season.

For new winter tyres :

– Punctureseal works just as well on winter tyres as summer tyres. Punctureseal will run to -50C.

– Install Punctureseal in the normal way on your winter tyres. Videos are available at YouTube.



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Punctureseal Extreme Heavy Duty


Punctureseal XHD Tote

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3mm tyre tread campaign

Independent research performed by the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) has provided convincing new evidence that worn tyres significantly increase the chances of having an accident on wet roads by increasing the braking distance.

Read more

3mm tyre tread campaign

3mm tyre tread campaign

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A few interesting points on puncture repairs

Tyre Repair : Puncture Repairs using plug/patch

Puncture repairs are carried out in accordance with NTDA and BSAUl59 regulations which stipulate that:

  • Tyres can only be repaired in the area marked ‘T’ about 75% of the tread area.
  • For tyres rated ‘V’ and above, only one repair is allowed.

Tyre cross section


Minor penetration repairs are not permitted in this area.


In every case the tyre should be inspected and if any of the following are noted then it shouldn’t be repaired:

  • Illegal tread depth (below 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre tread throughout the entire circumference)
  • Run flat damage – breakdown of the tyre’s structural integrity
  • Secondary damage – caused by the injuring object
  • Ageing/deterioration of tyre rubber
  • Bead damage
  • Exposed cords
  • Faulty/poor previous repairs

Can Run Flat tyres be repaired?

  • Most leading tyre retailers will not repair a run flat tyre following a puncture. Most manufacturers advise against repairing run flat tyres. If the deflated tyre has been driven on, it could have compromised its strength, and it is impossible for a fitter to know if the tyre was driven on for longer/faster than recommended after a puncture. For a brand specific answer you can contact the manufacturers below, but generally it will be hard to find a retailer who will be willing to repair a run flat tyre.
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Punctureseal helps farmers avoid downtime during harvest


Willem Van Beale runs a 750 acre farm in Bedfordshire, UK. The farm is mostly arable; the ground heavy clay. The farm machinery used suffers about 15 punctures a year, with Landy with Puncturesealtrailers and towed machinery experiencing 90% of the problems.

Which tyres to protect?

While the large tractors were relatively immune from punctures, towed machinery was affected, along with Land Rovers and Quad bikes. Punctureseal therefore recommended the treatment of only those tyres that suffered the majority of problems.

Treatment process

The treatment process for each type of tyre is similar. Firstly, the size of the tyre determines how much product to install. The Punctureseal tyre charts provide dosage information for all tyre sizes. The product was installed in the first instance by a Punctureseal operative, but Will took over on the third tyre and completed the remaining installations. Installation for the Land rover took 15 minutes, each of three 10 tonne grain trailers with 4 wheels per trailer took 15 minutes per appliance.


Costs of a puncture

TrailerWe asked Will about the cost and inconvenience of a puncture, which clearly has more
impact in busy times like sowing, spraying and harvest. His response was :

  1. 2 hours to replace a trailer tyre in the field. Labour cost plus lost production.
  2. A further 3 hours driving into town to get the tyre fixed or replaced, with associated costs.

Puncture rate before Punctureseal

15 punctures a year across all equipment

Incident rate of punctures after Punctureseal

Zero punctures on any Punctureseal treated tyres.

Customer Comment

“I used to have to carry two spare tyres for the Landy I haven’t had to change one since
Punctureseal went in six months ago.” says Will, “£500 spent (£20 a tyre on average) has saved me so much downtime across the fleet. We didn’t have a single puncture over harvest. I recommend Punctureseal to any farmer who doesn’t want stoppages to fix tyres.”

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Punctureseal attends CTT 2013 – Moscow, Russia

Punctureseal Director Sam Skillman is attending the CTT 2013 event in Moscow Russia. This is the 14th International show of Construction Equipment and Technologies.

Punctureseal Extreme Heavy Duty protects Heavy plant tyres from punctures.

CTT 2013 logo

CTT 2013 logo

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Punctureseal’s quarterly newssheet for 2Q 2013

Punctureseal is pleased to announce the release of its 2Q 2013 newssheet.

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Punctureseal supports is resellers with a Google Adwords campaign

Google AdWords logo

Punctureseal is pleased to announce an addition to its marketing campaign in support of its resellers. We are running Google AdWords campaigns to drive click throughs to the Punctureseal web site. In turn, and sales enquiries falling into the territories covered by our resellers is automatically logged in the Punctureseal CRM system, and then passed as a sales lead to the nearest reseller. Punctureseal also supports resellers with on-site training, a reseller document library using Dropbox, and online tools including YouTube videos and point of sale marketing material.

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