Handling punctures

If you are a Punctureseal customer and either experience a puncture, or find a nail, screw or similar object in your tyre, please follow this advisory.

  • If the foreign object is not found within the footprint width of the tyre, as shown, pleasetyre cross section replace the tyre. Punctureseal cannot help you. It is dangerous to continue to operate your vehicle in this state.


  • When an object punctures the tyre in the area represented by the footprint width, Punctureseal will reduce or even stop air leaking from the tyre while the object remains in the tyre. (Punctureseal is however not intended as a seal for accommodating resident puncturing objects for any length of time.)


Removal Procedure of the puncturing object after either a visual pressure loss or routine inspection of the tyre confirms a puncture:-

  1. Check if there has been any air loss and if so, inflated to its correct level.
  2. Remove the puncturing object and then drive the vehicle immediately normally down the road 500 metres and back.Depending on the nature of the wound, sometimes when removing the object some initial leakage/spitting of air and sealant from the area may be experienced and also as the vehicle drives away)  This is normal.
  3. The correct internal air pressure and centrifugal force of the spinning wheel both assist to push sealant into the split/hole.
  4. If a flap had been created by the foreign object penetrating the tyre, driving the vehicle under its own weight provides dynamic road rolling pummelling of the puncture wound to stabilise any flap or overlap allowing for the plug to correctly form the seal.
  5. Check and adjust if necessary tyre pressure again.
  • If you find a screw in the tyre, try to unscrew it rather than simply pulling it out.
  • If you find a small nail, remove it and the seal is not correctly made, widening the hole with a bigger nail and repeating the process often solves the problem.
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